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I was born May 13, 1972 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My mother was from South Dakota and my father was from Rhode Island. This making me a dual citizen. I'm also bilingual and can speak in both English and French.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to become an actor. When I got to high school, I headed straight for the drama program. In 1988 I enrolled with Kids in Action Theater on weekends for additional training. It was dedicated to training youth actors. I would audition and land the leading of role David Clemens, a teenager who is tortured by his mania against being touched, in the stage production of David and Lisa. I would also be doing the school plays at the same time.

In 1989 I would get my first movie appearances for the television movie, Princes in Exile (Short Clip Here) directed by Giles Walker. It would be the first time I had to shave my head for a role. It is a film about kids at a Summer Camp with cancer. When I graduated from High School in 1990, I was awarded the Excellence in Drama. I would continue to study acting at John Abbott College. On my first semester, I would land the leading role of The Speaker, the subconscious of a potential suicide victim, Susan Connors in The Girl in the Mirror, along with the supporting role, the lunatic Paul Dreyfus in The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

But by 1996 I had fallen in to the trap so many actors fall in. I had a full-time job, which didn't leave me much room for acting. So... I gave it up. It was a decision which wasn't easy for me to make.

Let's fast forward to January 2013. After having been away from acting, I decided it was time to re-turn back to doing what I was really passionate about and that was acting. This time it was going to be full time. It also meant I had to start all over, from scratch. I took a variety of workshops my first 6 months to brush up on my skills. I would work on various non-union student films, independent films, and television shows; Tricaillin, You BE the Judge, Twenty Dollar Therapy, and Un Sur Deux.  I continue training by doing on camera scene work as well as doing background work on television and film. It was there I would learn the most on the workings of being on set. It would include being a Photo Double on X-Men: Days of Future Past and Pawn Sacrifice. ​

Nine months later in September, I went out to Los Angeles to do my first showcase. On my return to Montreal I would land my first union co-star role in the television series, A Stranger in My Home as Drew Pyeatt.

A year later by September 2014 I had become a full member of the ACTRA union. With roles in 19-2, Nothing But The Truth. I continued to take more workshops and worked on several union short films. Which is a great way to keeping working on your tool. I would also become a member of the french union UDA in thanks to work on Hibou, Rabid Dogs (Enragés), Le scaphandrier, Karl & Max. 

And in 2016 worked on Real Detectives, Bad Santa 2, Victor Lessard, Le Polygraphe, Fatal Vows, Death Wish and Needle Drop Inception. As well as doing a Nissan commercial. Became a full member of SAG-AFTRA in May.

Today... I'm happier then ever. I've been very fortunate and I'm truly grateful for having gotten a second chance at doing what brings me the greatest joy of all, which is being able to share my gift...

Christopher Tyson Vimeo
Christopher Tyson Vimeo
Christopher Tyson Vimeo